NetMotion provides mobile performance management and security solutions for enterprise customers.

NetMotion Mobility is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and mobile performance management solution designed to help organisations manage and secure their mobile workforces. The software provides a variety of features, such as seamless roaming between networks, application acceleration, and secure access to corporate resources.

Some benefits of NetMotion:

  1. Improved mobile workforce productivity: NetMotion helps improve the productivity of mobile workers by providing them with reliable and secure access to corporate resources, regardless of their location or network connection. This means that mobile workers can access the information they need to do their jobs from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Enhanced security: NetMotion provides end-to-end encryption for all data transmitted between mobile devices and corporate resources, ensuring that sensitive information is protected from interception or theft. The software also includes features like multi-factor authentication, device posture assessment, and application-level VPN access controls, which help to further enhance security.
  3. Better visibility and control: NetMotion’s products provide IT administrators with visibility into mobile device usage and performance, enabling them to identify and address issues proactively. The software also includes tools for managing and controlling mobile device access to corporate resources, allowing administrators to enforce policies and restrictions as needed.
  4. Seamless user experience: NetMotion provides a seamless user experience for mobile workers, with features like seamless network roaming, automatic reconnection, and application acceleration. This means that mobile workers can stay connected and productive, even as they move between different networks and locations.
  5. Lower costs: By providing a comprehensive mobile performance management and security solution, NetMotion can help organisations reduce the costs associated with managing and securing their mobile workforces. This includes lower support costs, reduced downtime, and better utilisation of network resources.