Signal boosters, also known as mobile signal boosters or amplifiers, are devices designed to improve the strength and quality of mobile signals. They work by amplifying the weak signals received by your mobile and rebroadcasting them at a higher power to improve coverage and connectivity.

There are two main types of signal boosters: indoor and outdoor. Indoor boosters are designed to improve the strength of signals inside buildings, while outdoor boosters are designed for use in vehicles or remote areas.

Signal boosters can be particularly useful for those working in areas with weak or unreliable mobile coverage, or for those who frequently travel to these remote areas. They can help to improve call quality, reduce dropped calls, and increase data speeds.

Advanced Mobile IT can help you choose a product that meets both your organisational and ACMA’s technical requirements and is licensed to operate in the appropriate frequency band. We can also help to ensure the booster is compatible with your mobile service provider’s network, as some providers may not support the use of signal boosters.