Advanced Mobile IT can procure, supply and install a range of accessories to complement your in-field, in-vehicle or industrial rugged devices.

Accessories such as mounting kits and vehicle docks for multiple vehicle types, including light vehicles, trucks and forklifts, as well as industrial printers used for high-volume, heavy-duty printing tasks in industrial environments can all be procured by AMIT.

These accessories provide the ability to enhance the functionality and protection of rugged and non-rugged devices, including:

  1. Protective Cases: Rugged devices often come with their own protective cases, but additional rugged cases can provide extra protection against drops, shocks, and water damage. These cases are designed to be impact-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof to keep the device safe in rugged environments. Protective cases can also be added to non-rugged devices to provide durability and ruggedness in demanding conditions where these traditional devices would not withstand harsh environments.
  2. Screen Protectors: Rugged device screens can benefit from the added protection of screen protectors. These can be film-based protectors or tempered glass protectors that guard against scratches, smudges, and cracks.
  3. Mounts and Holsters: Mounting solutions and holsters allow users to securely attach or carry their rugged devices while keeping them easily accessible by providing a convenient way to carry the device on a belt or harness.
  4. External Batteries and Chargers: Rugged devices are often used in remote or off-grid locations where power sources may be limited. External batteries and chargers can extend the device’s battery life and ensure it remains operational for extended periods.
  5. Stylus Pens: Rugged devices with touchscreens can be used with stylus pens. These pens offer more precise input and can be useful when wearing gloves or working in dusty or wet environments where direct finger touch may not be available depending on the device used.
  6. Carrying Straps and Lanyards: Carrying straps and lanyards provide an additional layer of security when using a rugged device in challenging conditions. They help prevent accidental drops and make it easier to keep the device within reach at all times.
  7. Bluetooth Headsets: In environments with high noise levels, Bluetooth headsets can provide clear communication without the need to hold the device. They are often ruggedized and designed to withstand rugged conditions while allowing for hands-free operation.
  8. Hand and Shoulder Straps: Attachable hand and shoulder straps offer a secure and comfortable grip on rugged devices. They provide added convenience and reduce the risk of dropping the device during use.
  9. Industrial Barcode Printers: Specialized printers for generating barcode labels used for tracking and inventory management are available in various sizes and print resolutions to meet different industrial labeling needs.