Advanced Mobile IT also specialise in the procurement, supply and installation of Non-Rugged Devices for vehicle-based mobile computing solutions in Australia.

Non-rugged devices are electronic devices that are not designed or built to withstand harsh environments or rough handling. These devices are usually consumer-grade and intended for indoor use or other environments that are relatively safe and free from physical damage.
Some examples of non-rugged devices include:

  • Smartphones: Most smartphones are not ruggedised and are vulnerable to damage from drops, spills, and other mishaps.
  • Laptops and tablets: While some high-end laptops and tablets are built to be rugged, most consumer-grade devices are not.
  • Desktop computers: Desktop computers are not typically designed to be ruggedised, although some high-end models may be.

While non-rugged devices are generally less expensive and often more lightweight than rugged devices, they are also less durable and more prone to damage.