Cloud-based, secure multi-tenant architecture that is available across different regions

The Absolute® Platform has been built with a set of foundational components to enable customers and ecosystem partners to address every Secure Endpoint and Secure Access use case.

  • Persistence: Unique, patented technology embedded in the firmware of 600+ million devices that provides a secure, unbreakable, and always-on connection between the Absolute Platform and the endpoint.
  • Application Resilience: Monitors application health and automatically repairs and/or re-installs unhealthy third-party applications listed in the Application Resilience catalogue to restore them to healthy operations.
  • Network Resilience: Monitors and automatically restores and optimises unhealthy network connections so networked applications continue to operate without end user-impacting interruptions that would otherwise require manual application restarts, network re-connects, and/or re-authentications.
  • Intelligence: Provides reliable insights and intelligence from all of your endpoints to the network edge — on or off your corporate network. This allows for automated remediation and uncompromised user productivity.

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