AMIT Timeclocks

Timeclocks by Advanced Mobile IT are a customisable rugged time and attendance system that can record employee shift times and attendance at work, ensuring that time is used efficiently, and that the workplace operates with maximum productivity.

Designed and developed in-house, AMIT Timeclocks can also be customised for a business’ specific requirements in addition to time and attendance, including:

  • Visitor sign in / out
  • Safety checks and compliance
  • Site pre-checks
  • Sanitisation / cleaning logs
  • Induction checklists

Built with rugged technology and enclosed within a customised metal casing, AMIT Timeclocks can reduce the amount of technology required to monitor any sized workforce in a variety of industries.

AMIT Timeclocks provide an easy-to-use interface for employees while allowing for custom and detailed reports to be provided to management.

With multiple interaction options and a range of accessories that can be attached, the device can be tailored to suit any workforce requirements.

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