Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange

Three powerful technologies, one Wireless WAN architecture

With the rapid growth of network edge comes an increased need for agility, simplicity, and security across the WAN. With 5G SASE through Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange (NCX), organisations can combine the performance of 5G, the efficiency of SD-WAN, and the security of zero trust networking and Secure Internet Access into a full-stack WWAN solution.

  • Made for 5G: 5G SASE is for organisations transforming their business with 5G and looking to extend reliable, secure cellular WAN connectivity across vehicles, IoT, remote workers, and fixed and temporary locations
  • Zero trust foundation: 5G SASE through NCX is based on modern zero trust principles. Significantly reduce the network attack surface, ensure no implicit trust, and help prevent damaging lateral movements
  • Full SASE solution: WAN networking and security is integrated into a single policy engine that can be fully managed and orchestrated through NetCloud Manager
  • Built for scale: Whether onboarding a small fleet or expanding to tens of thousands of vehicles and sites, WAN growth is easy to accommodate with NXC architecture
  • Cellular-optimised SD-WAN: Designed for sites and vehicles, NCX SD-WAN ensures always-on WAN connectivity
  • Secure Internet Access: Leverages threat intelligence data and integrated anti-virus and remote browser isolation (RBI) to isolate users and devices from all web-based malware

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