Honeywell Granit 1991iXR

Extreme ultra-rugged performance scanning, even on damaged and low-quality barcodes - high-quality barcodes scan and transmit faster than ever.

Ensure maximum productivity and uptime with Granit™ 1991iXR expanded range ultra-rugged barcode scanner.

  • UPC Scanning to 1.5m (5 ft) and 100 mil codes to 10m (33 ft)
  • 3m drop test certified
  • 7,000 1m tumble test for lasting durability
  • Tested to operate in temperatures from -30°C to 50°C

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Product Specifications

Dimensions Scanner: 192 x 76 x 100 mm
Base: 245 x 102 x 60 mm
Weight 405g (cordless)
Scan Pattern Scan Area Imager (1280 x 800 pixel array)
Scan Angle Horizontal: 40°
Vertical: 30°
Roll, Pitch, Skew -360°, 45°, 65°
Motion Tolerance Up to 4500 mm/s (177 in/s)
Print Contrast 20% minimum reflectance difference
Wireless 2.4 GHz (ISM Band) Adaptive Frequency Hopping Bluetooth® v4.2; Class 1: 100 m (330 ft) line of sight
Battery 2450mAh Li-ion minimum
Battery Expected Operation Time 14 hours (1 scan per second)
Number of scans Up to 50,000 scans per charge
Input Voltage 4.0 VDC to 5.5 VDC
Operating Power (Cordless) 5 W 1000 mA @ 5 VDC
Standby Power (Cordless, Non-Charging) 0.6 W 120 mA @ 5 VDC
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Humidity Up to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Product Certifications

Drop (Multiple) 2m (6.5 ft): 50 drops from -30°C to 50°C, uncontrolled RH
2.4m (8 ft): 20 drops at 25°C, 55% RH
3m (10 ft): MIL-STD-810G, 25°C, 55% RH
Tumble 7000 1m (3.3 ft) tumbles
Environmental Sealing Scanner: IP67 and IP65
Charge/Communication Base: IP51
Electrostatic Discharge ±8 kV contact discharge, ±20 kV air discharge
Light Levels 0 to 100,000 lux


Scanner Three-year factory warranty
Battery Pack One-year factory warranty