Advanced Mobile IT (AMIT) is proud to announce the successful bid to supply our vehicle installation and management services for Fire + Rescue NSW’s (FRNSW) ‘Vehicle as a Node (VaaN)’ project. This project will be rolled out state-wide over the next 12 months and will provide essential vehicle communications hub technology to FRNSW’s fleet of trucks.

The new system will allow FRNSW’s critical communication equipment to remain connected even when the traditional networks are not available.

AMIT will be managing the complete hardware rollout, from the design, supply, and configuration specific to each vehicle before installing the complete solution onsite at over 330 fire stations state-wide. Once installed, we will provide the ongoing service and support to streamline FRNSW’s vehicle communication systems.

AMIT has been working with FRNSW since 2014, and this project is yet another example of our proven experience and commitment to offering our emergency service customers world-class solutions. We are a proudly Australian owned company, and the leading supplier of fit for purpose in-vehicle mobile computing and communication solutions in Australia.