Advanced Mobile IT (AMIT) have successfully completed phase one of a large deployment for a leading global ITS solution provider, which entailed a full fit-out of 40+ of their new mobile enforcement vehicles. In addition to designing, supplying and supporting the tablet and docking solution into their fleet of vehicles, a full vehicle fit-out that included surveillance cameras, an enforcement system, hazard lights and forward-facing cameras was required and undertaken by AMIT.

Phase two of the project will see a ‘fit and strip’ of their existing 45+ vehicles to be fitted out to match the requirements of phase one’s vehicles. This phase will be conducted in AMIT’s new state-of-the-art vehicle fit-out facility in Melbourne that boasts storage capacity for up to 100 vehicles and 3 installation bays, allowing projects to be fully carried out under one roof.

This is the first project we are undertaking together, and we look forward to further opportunities to build upon this new partnership.