AMIT has held the Ambulance Victoria contract since 2008, which involves pre-configuration, supply and support for more than 1000 MDTs for Ambulance Victoria’s paramedics throughout the state. AMIT have carried out 3 refreshes of the technology during this time.

The Panasonic Toughbooks are used to access VACIS®, a world-leading emergency electronic patient care record system that paves the way for research to further enhance ambulance performance. Using the Toughbooks, paramedics can download information from medical devices used in the
field like cardiac monitors and defibrillators. Upon arrival at a hospital, this information is then shared to continue assisting in emergency patient
care. Wireless technology is used to synchronise the Toughbook with the central VACIS database.

Project Location
MDTs (Panasonic Toughbooks) have been deployed to vehicles at station nodes throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Installation complexity
AMIT has deployed more than 1200 MDT devices and associated servicing and support, docking stations, and vehicle- specific mounting brackets
to AV. Level 1 Helpdesk support is in place for software (VACIS) and hardware
We have also assisted AV to acquire Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliance on all supplied in-vehicle solutions.

MDT Project
The MDT deployment includes:
integration and design
pre-configuration and installation
managed service, including on-going system integration and support.
same day on-site replacement service of all hardware (next day for regional locations, that is, outside greater metropolitan Sydney).
quarterly reviews, report on performance against SLA’s, identify any hardware faults/trends that may need to be addressed
on-going updated of asset register of deployed devices as units are swapped out and moved around.

Ambulance Victoria has been very satisfied with the performance of the devices in use within demanding, and sometimes life and death situations.

Ambulance Victoria