Advanced Mobile IT (AMIT) has been working with FRNSW since 2015 on three separate contracts:
Supply of Hardware & Services
Installation and Design Service Contract
Fleet Management

We have two full time resources dedicated to the FRNSW that provide ongoing support to FRNSW with all aspects of the MDT deployment including software, hardware, updates, installation, reporting, configuration of deployed devices, and help desk. We supply and manage swap out of the pool of deployed devices (across all models/versions).

Project Location
AMIT rolled out the MDT Project across NSW for over 580+ vehicles over three years. First rollout of 180 devices was undertaken within a six-week period before the bush fire season in metro and regional locations. During installation, vehicles need to be serviceable within a 15-minute window in case of an emergency (critical issue). Our install manual was designed to ensure this could occur regardless of the stage of install taking place.

Installation complexity
Project Management of roll out which included working with senior officials at FRNSW, Commanders and station to co-ordinate installs. AMIT delivered all hardware, mounts, accessories, cable looms, fasteners on-site as a kit. Each kit was especially pre-configured and linked to the vehicle registration, so it was identified to and linked to the station and crew.
Rollout included, pre-configuration and asset management of the MDT hardware, vehicle mounting and related accessories, wiring loom, on-site installation, system integration, project management, onsite service and support for 5 years.

Solution design and architecture
Pre-configuration, asset management and in-vehicle Installation manuals (across all vehicle types). Worked extensively with FRNSW Fleet to develop vehicle design, approval, meet FRNSW Technical Support (Fleet) strict specifications (key for vehicle mounting equipment as IT own the device but the vehicle belongs to Fleet), ADR Compliance and Certification.

Integrations required
AMIT provides a full end-to-end solution. On-Line portal access allows for:
Asset register
SLA reporting
Logging service tickets
All current outstanding/ completed repairs and reporting
Technical support.

In-vehicle design across multiple vehicle types. Rolled out the vehicle as node project, upgrade Motorola radios and included in installation services contract.

MDT Project
Integration/pilot/design/pre-configuration/installation/managed service/on-going system integration and support. Same day on-site replacement service of all hardware (next day for regional locations outside greater metro Sydney). Quarterly reviews, report on performance against SLA’s, identify any hardware faults/trends that may need to be addressed. On-going updated of asset register of deployed devices as units are swapped out and moved around.

The devices were all installed in the vehicles to specification with a before and after comprehensive checklist procedure to ensure services (horn, blinker, air conditioning etc.) were not affected during the installation.

During last season devastating bush fires, AMIT provide around the clock support, technically and onsite. Following our efforts, four AMIT staff received The Premier of NSW South Wales Bushfire Emergency Citation in recognition of the outstanding contribution who played a significant role in the emergency response effort to combat the 2019-2020 bushfires.

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