AMIT has been supplying SA Power Networks (SAPN) since 2008. During this time AMIT have been providing end to end mobility solutions to SAPN for their FRM Project.

AMIT back in 2013 was integral in working with SAPN to develop a 10 year mobility strategy, which we are currently rolling out through out the Field Service Division of SAPN.

Services provided to SAPN is everything from assisting with image build, pre configuration of all devices, in-vehicle design and installation combined with a managed service contract for 4 years.

Every quarter a service and maintenance audit is carried out on all the vehicles from Metro to all regional locations to ensure the solutions is at its working best and running the latest software and assistance with training the end users on new features of the device and deployed software.

AMIT are very proud our continued relationship with SAPN for the past 12 years and look forward to building our relationship in the future.

SA Power Networks